TipTop Haus


TipTop Haus, Key Lido, FL

When architect Jonathan Parks was looking for the perfect way to top off his Aurora Award-winning TipTop Haus in Lido Key, he chose Geolam. Geolam Duo decking was Parks’ choice for its aesthetic appeal and high performance.

Geolam looks great and keeps on looking great, year after year, even in harsh weather conditions like Florida’s. Not only does Geolam last, it stays cool. You can walk on it in your bare feet in the middle of a Florida summer. That’s no mean feat.

Congratulations to Jonathan Parks on his stunning, award-winning design. Thank you for choosing to take Geolam to the TipTop.

“ Geolam performs at a very high level. It is beautiful and very durable. We actually tried to destroy it and we couldn’t. Everything should hold up this well. ”
– Award-winning Architect Jonathan Parks