Cliplam® Decking Fasteners

Our patented clips, which can be used with any kind of joists, ensure a safer and a more aesthetic finish.

Our patented clips have wing sections that enable fast and precise installation AND dismantling of Geolam decking boards if necessary. Key benefits:

  • Clip system is not visible
  • The clip is attached with just one screw mounted from the top of the clip
  • Screws are self-tapping and can be used with aluminum joists without pre-drilling holes
  • Easy removal and replacement – damaged boards can be replaced without disturbing the adjacent board
  • No protruding screw heads

The clips are hardened galvanized steel coated with polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) and are resistant to extreme temperatures, UV, insects, salt, chlorine, detergent, and humidity.

The screws are stainless steel, coated first in zinc, then a Teflon-like coating to lubricate for ease of installation.